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This is a temporary website that is used for the purpose of demonstrating my business idea.
To summaries the idea is two fold:

  1. Software -> I have created two generators, one that generates web presentations and the other that generates 3D layouts from 2D floor plans.
  2. The presentation generator works by accepting text written in a special plain text format and can be configured to generate two types of presentations, regular presentations and Virtual Reality presentations.
  3. The 3D layout generator, I have called Virtual Layout, can generate a 3D building layout from a SVG drawing.
  4. Education -> I started off creating lessons to teach children programming and GCSE Computer Science, so I would like to continue doing this.
  • As well as Computer Science I have spread out into other subjects, particularly Careers guidance and Religious Education.
  • I am also concerned with the problems that children are facing at the moment. This BBC article tells of two students who committed suicide due to the pressures of school life, I want to try and save children from these problem.
    Young people's mental health is of big concern nationwide and globally.
    This is what I believe makes me unique, I can tell children about me and my experiences in education with the hope of solving some of these problems.