PowerPoint is our largest competitor.
According to this presentation PowerPoint has 500M Users worldwide (information from Wikipedia) a statistic which is conformed by this article.

One statistic did say PowerPoint had a 95% market share, however that was over 10 years ago and so cannot be used.

Our strenghts

PowerPoint has no real weekness, instead here are a few strenghts that I think we have over PowerPoint.

  • As a website we can embed anything onto our presentations that could be published to a website.
    • One of the Unique Selling Points could be 3D models form Sketch Fab.
  • Styles - As our presentations are website we can create editors for and allow the user to modify all CSS properties.
    • The presentation styles are also separate from the content, this means that customers can collaborate as one person creates the styles and another on the content.
      Customers will also be able to easily apply their own branding and styles, or keep styles consistent with their website.
  • Animations - At the moment I have only added a few animations, but with web technologies the possiblities are endless.
  • Open Source Software - Our presentations are using open source software (oss) and we can look to incorparate more: are are closest competitor (but not largest), they are using the same underlying presentation framework as we are.
In the early stages we should look to emulate what they have whilst also offering more features.

In terms of technology they are the strongest of our web-based competitors.

We should look at rewriting the underlying presentation framework in order to deviate from and also to make our presentations more specific to our needs.

Despite the fact that at the core our two presentation systems are the same, we stil have many unique avantages over


Prezi is a zooming presentation system.
Instead of moving to the next/previous side from left to right, the user can navigate the presentation by zooming in and out of sections.

Note: In the finnished product, our Virtual Reality presentations would possibly be ‘zooming’ presentations that function in a simular way to Prezi.

Acording article, Prezi has 50M users worldwide.
This article is undated, but the YouTube video claiming 45M in the article is dated 2014, so I can only guess that this article is from 2016.
This question on puts Prezi at “less than 60M” (May 2016).

Weekness - Slow loading times

Prezi's software uses images, everything seems to be an image and they are rendered onto a Canvas.
Images are large and they need to be downloaded and then drawn, this adds to the loading time of a presnetation.

This recording illistrates the slow loading times of Prezi presentations

This recording show the initial creation of Prezi presentations

Our software

Our presentations are websites, the loading time is no more than a typical website.
For example, by using a Canvas, Prezi must use a script to draw that text on a canvas, whereas in a typical website text appears as-is and is drawn by the internet browser.

On a website it is possible to highlight text for eg, because the text is part of the page.
You cannot hightlight text that is inside a image.

Of course the more content users add the more loading times will increase, but we would encorage users to make use of SVG for better preformance.

As the company grows we could develop our own SVG online editor.

Technical note: Web browsers are Hardware accelerated, this means they have all the power of the computer behind them.
The web technologies we use takes advantage of this.


Powtoon is a presentation and marketing video creation tool.
It's main target audiance seems to be marketers and agencies that want to created marketing videos

I started work on the Presentation Recorder project exactly for the purposes of being able to repucte what Powtoon do.

In my opinion their software is better then Prezi, with a better interface and their loading times are better.

This recording show the initial creation of Powtoon presentations

Weakness - Technology

This section is outdated
Powtoon have rebanded themselve and have redeveloped their software, it is now HTML5 based as you can see from the following screen shot.

According to Wikipedia they use an XML based technology called Apace Flex.
The main disadvantage of this is that it is based on the Adobe Flash platform which is a deprecated technology.
With modern advances of HTML5 and JavaScript, all the major browsers are no longer supporting Flash in favour of these modern technologies.

For example if I am to view an example presentation that is hosted on the PowToon website, I am greeted with the following message:

At the moment PowToon presentations are unable to play on devices that don't support Flash.
Button asking “Get Adobe Flash player”

On their main website one of the examples also presents me with an error which you can see here

Our software

Our presentations are websites, they use native web technology and require no additional plugin.

Lesson learnt - Get the branding right

Powtoon was established in 2011, since that time they already gone through a re-branding process.
A re-branding process costs money and it not something that a start-up company should do, plus as they allow upload to YouTube, their old branding will linger arround for a long time.
Their old logo was a more cartoony “PowToon”, whereas now there have a more professional blue trangle wih “Powtoon”.

Here is a marketing video using their old branding and here is a helpful tutorial using their old branding.

This tells me that branding is very important and it is essentual that it needs to be right first time.