I have uploaded a sample of lessons that I have created.
The majority of lessons that I have created are intended for the teaching of GCSE Computer Science subject, however I have also written lessons on a number of other subjects:

  1. Computer Science - Being a Software Developer, this is a natural subject for me to teach, students will be introduced to many topics not include on the national curriculum.
  2. Religion & Ethics - Here I hope to tackle some of the mental health and attitude issue that children faces, with a main focus on ethics and virtues.
  3. Careers - These lession teach: CV writing, Job-seeking and making an impression in interviews.
  4. Health - These lessons teach children about heallth and nutrition: I hope to expand these in future to cover GCSE subjects Food Preparation and Nutrition.
  5. Music - The music that children listen to growing up affects their behavioural development and what social groups they associate with.

I imagine that these lessons could be delivered by a separate entity from the software company and perhaps on a online repository where teachers and anyone who wishes could search for lessons.

This online repository would be similar to Khan Academy.

Why are they of value?

  • Drive development - Software is created as per the customer's requirements.
    We will become the customers as we create lessons.
  • Reputation - These lessons could help the company build a reputation in academic circles.
  • Marketing - As we are starting out, we can use these lessons as examples of what is possible with our software.
    • It might be difficault to gain our first customer, these lessons will prove that the software has already been used.
    • We can advertise on our website as if they are a customer.


School level: GCSE
Subject: Computer Science

This lesson teaches children about Streams which are used in read/write file operations.
The presentation feature code written in C# programming language and there are practical activities:

  1. Viewing a music video on YouTube and using the F12 Developer tools.
  2. Creating a project in Visual Studio using the C# programming language, this activity also reinforces testing which is taught separately.


Note: This lesson is still a work in progress.

School level: Primary/Secondary (pre-GCSE) Subject: Religious Studies

The purpose of this lesson is to teach children virtues with the aim of developing children's characteristics and personality traits.
At the end of the presentation, there is an activity, this activity has not been created yet, but the idea is to get the children to see the virtues displayed in everyday life.
The activity would be to put jigsaw pieces together, one piece would be an occupation and the other would be a virtue. E.g. Occupation: Fireman -> Virtue: Courage._ There is no right or wrong answer, all pieces should be able to fit together.

At the moment I am concentrating on Christian Virtues, as this is my expertise, but it could be extended to other faiths or other presentations could be created.


Note: These lesson is still a work in progress.

School level: Primary/Secondary (pre-GCSE)

The reason for these lessons is that the music children listens to whilst growing up will stay with them and will influences their personal development and what social groups they get into.

This is evident with the recent London knife crime problem, a report by the Guardian Newspaper found that music has an effect on crime - London drill rapper killed in knife attack admitted music's effect on crime.
Note: The Israelites presentation may also help with preventing crime.

To teach children about positive music and influences could possibly have an effect on youth violence.

In these presentations I will embed music that will be played in class, as the purposes of these music tracks are education, hopefully they comply with copyright laws.
I will of course check this when the business goes live and I will modify the slides with the correct copyright notice.